Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lanie and I go to Alberta Falls

Hello, for those of you who don't know what or where Alberta Falls is I'll explain. So, Alberta falls is on top of mountain in Colorado and it is a public place. In other words I was extremely brave and brought a doll with me to Alberta Falls. I had tons of fun just carrying around Lanie and people gave me weird looks and I just kept walking and I felt so good! I was like: you don't bother me. So ya. But anyway, that's what and where Alberta Falls is.

The reason that is blurry is because there is a small stream of water going through it.


Pretty flower!

It's the middle of the summer yet there is snow, well, then again it is Colorado.


Pretty water

I don't know what that is.

Without the dolly,

With the dolly

Water O.o

More water O.o.O.o


She was listening to the sounds of nature

Bokeh! Again!

This is the falls. It was crazy! You could feel the mist and it was so loud, but it was so cool!

That is mist! Look at it!

That's the sign.

More mist!

I sat Lanie on a rock near the falls, and I was so scared something was going to fall in!

That's view from the falls.

And that's some of the river that falls.

The water was FREEZING!

I really like that picture!

Lanie stuck her feet in. I did not.

Anyway that's all the pics I took. But it was super fun!
 Bye Bye, Raspberry